Justified! -by Faith!Justified! -by Faith! F.T. Wright

The question of righteousness by faith is not just a religious doctrine that concerns theologians such as Martin Luther and others. It is a topic which intimately concerns each one of us, for it deals with our eternal welfare. How can I come to God and receive the assurance that He has cleansed me from my past and present sins? This booklet throws some much needed light on the subject and clearly shows the way to find lasting peace, joy, and happiness. [download]

From Bondage to FreedomFrom Bondage to Freedom F.T. Wright

The rebirth experience marks the beginning of the Christian life and a new, living connection to Christ. From Bondage to Freedom is an effective aid in obtaining this experience. It clearly shows just what we can expect from God and how we can cooperate with Him in forming a Christ-like character. For those who are struggling with problems in their own life which they seem unable to overcome, as well as for those who have come to accept their character defects, this booklet will prove to be an eye-opener. The editor tells of his own experience and invites the reader to take God at His word and experience the power of the gospel. [download]

Revival and ReformationRevival and Reformation F.T. Wright

A revival (rebirth) experience will be of no lasting value unless it is accompanied by a reformation. In this book both of these aspects are dealt with in detail. Several examples taken from the Bible help to underline the pitfalls into which a born-again Christian can fall, as well as demonstrating how a life of victory can be maintained. [download]

Behold Your God Behold Your God F.T. Wright

Does God kill? Jesus repeatedly presented the character of God to His generation in a way that surprised them, for they had a completely different concept of Him. What is our picture of God today? This book is certainly a challenge to our old concepts. Many things presented in these pages are in direct contrast to our usual understanding. [download]

I Think as a ManI Think as a Man F.T. Wright

Whenever we are confronted with an accident, loss, human suffering, catastrophe, or even war, we start to think in a certain way. We may feel threatened, deeply affected, or indignant. And in each case, our thoughts are formed by our concept of what part a higher power—God—plays in these events. Is the omnipotent God angry and punishing humanity for their disobedience? Is His patience at an end and He is using His power to put an abrupt end to their godless practices? Or has He simply lost control of the situation? [download]